3 Ways Domiciliary hospitalization can help you strengthen your health insurance


Health insurance is considered as a good investment by many. It protects you from financial crunches that may arise due to a sudden medical emergency. With most certainty, health insurance creates a bridge for your hospital expenses in the event of illness or any medical condition that is well-known. However, not everyone is familiar with other benefits of health insurance policies, which includes Domiciliary hospitalisation. What if there is a shortage of accommodation and medical equipment at the hospital or nursing home? What if you or your loved ones have encountered an illness and are too ill to be shifted to the medical facility and that might worsen the condition? Domiciliary hospitalization can be demonstrated to be beneficial in this case. To know more, click here.

A suitable health insurance policy with Domiciliary hospitalization can help you meet the most unplanned medical charges such that you need not expose your savings or your income. Most of us are exposed to a variety of health diseases and hazards and a medical emergency could crash into any of us without any prior notice. It is always well addressed to stay precautious in such uncertain events as you cannot predict them. 

Here are three major benefits by which Domiciliary Hospitalization can strengthen your health insurance:

  1. Accessibility of medical care at the right time:

Assume that one of your loved family members has experienced an accident and suffered a serious hand injury and it is not possible to transport the patient to the hospital. In such a circumstance, the doctor may suggest home treatment or domiciliary hospitalization. If the patient’s health insurance plan covers domiciliary hospitalization charges, then his/her medical treatment bills are taken care of by the insurer.

Likewise, if you are planning to buy a health insurance policy for your elderly family members, it is advisable to cover domiciliary hospitalization. There could be possible circumstances when it is not certain to shift an elderly person to a healthcare facility due to certain pre-existing medical conditions or other injuries. In such cases, the feature of domiciliary hospitalization in health insurance policy plays a vital role.

  1. Prepared for uncertain situations:

The drastically increased number of cases in India soon overburdened the healthcare services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare facilities in India faced an awful shortage of ICU beds and ventilators for the elderly and critical patients which had sabotaged hospitals in several cities ever since the second wave of coronavirus hit the country.

In such a case, it is risky to shift the patient to a hospital or insufficiency of beds and other medical equipment may not be available, domiciliary hospitalization is the best option to tackle this.

  1. Comfortable Environment:

Patients have a propensity to recover sooner when they receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes. A convenient and comfortable atmosphere at home with a warm environment is needed for a good sleep which helps the mental and physical recovery of the patient. Also, positive thinking of the patient, listening to music, and reading books can divert the mind of the patient from the disease condition and will maintain faster recovery and good health.

Hope this article has made you understand the advantages of health insurance plans with domiciliary hospitalization.  The convenience of the domiciliary hospitalization feature is available only when certain conditions are met such as there is no bed availability or medical equipment in the hospitals. When conditions make the acquaintance, however, domiciliary hospitalization can be a great advantage because you can get treatment within the comfortable environment of your home. Therefore, make sure that your and your family’s health insurance policy covers domicillary hospitalization so that you enjoy most out of your plan.

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