The Future Of Online Astrology And Its Potential Growth


Astrology, commonly known as “Jyotish vidya” in India, is soaring high on the scale of success, as is visible on the ground level. The art of predicting the future and indulging in activities to mend the same following the Vedic rituals have been a part of Indian culture from time immemorial.

Astrology is not only confined to a specific section of spiritually inclined folks. New-age entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are also investing time and effort in using this age-old practice to alter the course of events in their professional and personal space. There is an influx of young practitioners and connoisseurs, with the patrons emerging as some of the best astrologers despite the criticisms coming in from the conventional masters of the art.

What has changed in the field of astrology with digital integration?

The advent of television and new media contributed immensely to the business of astrology, and it was a remarkable period for the industry booming with the onset of the internet era; there was no stopping the rapid popularity and growth of this business model. All the “gurus” and experts dealing with the luck stones, Astro tools, Vedic remedies, etc., were limited to the screen of TV and their swanky offices earlier, dealing mainly with the elite section as their clientele. With the usage of social media and other web-based applications, they can now reach every commoner irrespective of demographic differences.

Reports suggest that their services are constantly available seven days a week. Some of the best astrologers India have been raising an insane amount of revenue from the digital space alone because they have a larger and wider exposure to their expertise and services. Even small-scale practitioners who set up their stations at the roadside or the entrance of village fairs can pull an audience through WhatsApp, FB, and Instagram. Since they cannot afford to hire professionals to build websites or design mobile-based applications for them, the digitally advanced infrastructure of the country has something for everyone to benefit from.

That is why tech-based startups in astrology, like Astrotalk, InstaAstro, Astrosage, etc., have grown enormously in recent years, thereby increasing the popularity of application-based astrology. Even youngsters join the bandwagon after receiving an advanced education in metaphysical science like astrology, as they strongly believe this will benefit them in the long run. They might be true to their insights because celebrities and bureaucrats, too, have a strong inclination towards this form of spiritual healing and guidance. They often go to some knowledgeable folks before making crucial life decisions.

The market of online astrology is here to stay because its concept has stood the test of time and has been an inherent part of India’s culture and traditions. In this cutting-edge period of technology, if you are looking for the best astrology app, it should be the perfect amalgamation of science, astrology, and technology. Together, they can grow leaps and bounds by creating awareness about the concept and contemplating each other.

Although conventional specialists have their take on the whole format of a digitized version of astrology because they believe that this is an attempt to dilute the piousness of a noble art that is perfected with time and dedication as long as it is proven fruitful and reliable, people will stick to whichever approach they feel is more convenient and convincing.

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