Affordable Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats


Insurance is important, and most individuals carry insurance to protect a variety of assets in their lives. The most common type of insurance is medical insurance. Medical expenses can pile up in a hurry. This is especially true if you have chronic illnesses or are on daily medications. Automobile owners also carry insurance on their vehicles. A vehicle is a big investment, and most people cannot afford to just run out and buy a new vehicle, should something happen to theirs. The same goes for damages caused by an accident. Homes are another very large investment that are insured. Not only is the property itself insured, but the belongings with the home. How about your pet? Is your pet insured? Veterinary bills can pile up in the same way that medical bills do. It’s important to think about your furry friends, too.

Pet Insurance Options

Choose pet insurance that best fits your needs and the needs of your pet. Every client has the option to choose the preset package that best suits their needs. For those who want a more tailored approach, there are custom options to choose from. Owners have the ability to lower their premium by choosing a higher excess.

The accidental coverage option not only covers 80% of treatment due to accidental injury, but you get to choose an excess of either $0, $100 or $200. Owners who choose this coverage option also get a certain amount of coverage when it comes to emergency boarding fees. This comes in handy if you are hospitalised suddenly for any reason. This plan also covers vet checks in preparation for overseas pet travel.

The second option is accidental injury and illness. This plan offers the same treatment coverage as the previous plan with excess options of $0, $100, or $200. This plan also helps with emergency boarding fees and health checks when it comes to overseas travel. The exception is if the pet is required to be quarantined upon its return.

The third option is major medical cover. This plan provides a certain amount of coverage on accidental injury, illness, and routine care. The annual excess is $200. In addition to offering both the emergency boarding coverage and the overseas pet travel coverage, this plan offers a tick paralysis benefit. This means the plan will pay a limit of $1000 when it comes to the treatment of tick paralysis.

Why Choose Pet Insurance?

Choosing pet insurance is a smart decision when it comes to taking the best care of your pet possible. Unfortunately, pets are put down every year because their owners cannot afford the treatments necessary, and they do not want to see them suffer. The plan that you choose depends on your individual needs and anticipated veterinary bills. Do not let a veterinary emergency catch you off guard; be sure to have your pet insured and protected to the highest level possible, and rest assured that your veterinary expenses will be lowered.

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