Is 2nd class insurance suitable for you?


The second class car insurance is similar to first-class insurance because they offer almost similar coverage and cover accidents caused by car collisions. This type of car insurance gives better insurance premium prices and if one hasn’t made any claims in many years, this is the best option they can have. In this article, we’ll know more about this topic. 

What are the benefits of second class insurance?

The main benefit of ประกันชั้น 2 ไม่มีคู่กรณี  is their cost-effective insurance premium prices. If you are looking for savings while also having the stress of paying premiums, second-class insurances are great. Even they provide a discount on the first premium and can even deduct the cost of the first damage.

Second-class insurance gives protection against accidental car accidents, car crashes, natural disasters, unexpected events, etc. These are no parties insurance and that makes it suitable for cars from 4 years old. 

What is the coverage that you can get?

  • Accident- Class second insurance claim to repair cars according to the sum insured that the customer selected.
  • Lost Car– 2nd class insurance covers the event of a stolen vehicle and the sum insured as well.
  • Fire cars– One can claim under the coverage of car insurance when the Car gets on fire. The coverage is done according to the sum of insurance that the company has made.
  • Flooded Cars– These insurances also cover natural disasters such as flirting invent the Car is flooded, it will also cover it in the second class insurance.
  • Terrorism– Terrorism is also a key aspect that is covered by these insurances.
  • Death– Event of death and personal disability are also covered in this section based upon the insured.
  • Medical- Second type of insurance also works as medical and life insurance covers the driver’s medical treatment or the passenger who was present inside the vehicle at the scene.
  • Bail- The insurance company will also help in the driver’s bill if that accident occurs and someone dies based on the criminal case, and the sum insured.
  • Damage– These companies will take care of the cost of car repairs and the parties if it is damaged in an accident, reducing the expense of expenses. 


In case of injury or death, all the medical expenses of treatment will be sustained by the insurance company included in coverage based on the sum insured of tcustomer.

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